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Official US Representative and distributor of Air Queen Nano Mask


Toptec official distributor letter for air queen nano mask
Airqueenus.com is owned by Harpers Co., a long-time medical device importer and distributor based in NYC. We are official US representative and distributor of Air Queen Nano Mask manufactured by TOPTEC.

For many years, we have been partnered with qualified medical device manufactures in South Korea to bring quality products in U.S market. 

Due to the pandemic, we have taken a pause to focus on the immediate needs in the community. 

We believe the masks will help to slow the spread. Koreans have proven it. The government provided public masks to their people at an affordable price so everyone can have the masks to wear for everyday life. South Korea has never locked down any city in this pandemic while successfully controlled the spread of the virus. 

The reality in our country though is that you cannot find a quality mask at an affordable price. Huge amounts of masks have been flooded into the market from unqualified manufacturers and sellers. In addition increased raw material cost, shipping cost and the seller's high profit made the mask too expensive. 

In this pandemic, our goal is simple. we strive to provide qualified masks at the affordable price for slowing the spread. We've minimized the costs. And we work harder. 

Air Queen Nano Mask is cleared FDA 510K premarket notification as Surgical mask and certified as Halal product. It is manufactured by TOPTEC, a KOSDAQ company in South Korea.