Please find the answers to frequently asked questions. 

 Q: Is Air Queen mask reusable? 

A: Yes. Unlike the conventional filters, such as melt blown filter, nanofiber filter retains its filtration rate after many uses. 

Q: How many times can I reuse it?

A: It depends very much on how you care for your mask. 

Here are our recommendations on how to care of the mask.

  1. Always wash hands before touching the mask. 
  2. Do not let others touch your mask. 
  3. Place the mask in a ziplock when you don't wear it. 

By doing this, we recommend using 2 masks a week. 

 Q: Is Air Queen mask washable?

A: No. 

Some news, videos or other articles may have more information than we actually have by their own research or interviews with the manufacturer. We do not want to comment on whether those articles are right or wrong. Because we are not the manufacturer. 
However, As a distributor of the product, we are responsible to provide the right precautions for use to our customers. It says “do not wash for use” on the product package. Therefore, we can only tell you this mask cannot be washed when you ask for it. 
The main reason we import and sell this mask in The US is to slow the spread by providing more affordable and quality masks to Americans. We have chosen this company and product very carefully and put a lot of effort into it. But we do not want to mislead our customers with the information that we cannot guarantee. 


Q: Is Air Queen Nano Mask NIOSH approved? And what is the specification of the mask? 

A: No. Nano filter has not been certified by NIOSH yet. 
Please see below comparison chart.


Q: Do you have a special price for Health Care Workers(HCW)?

A: Yes. As the part of our duty, we provide Air Queen masks to HCW for a special price. You can email us your HCW id for the verification. And we will set your account as HCW account. After that you can purchase at the HCW rate. 


1. create a account.
2. send us your HCW id for verification. (info@airqueenus.com)
3. We will set your account as HCW.
4. After that, you can use code “HEROS” at the checkout to get a 20% discount.


Please email us at info@airqueenus.com for more questions.